Accounting is sometimes stereotyped as one of the most boring professions available to do. However, this can be a bad an unfair rap. From taking down notorious criminals to becoming famous individuals in their own right, accountants and the accounting industry can be severely undervalued (pun intended).

Some Best Forgotten Facts about Accounting

Top Earners

Accountants can be some of the highest earners in the world. Depending on the company that the accountant works for, they can make just above minimum wage, to multimillions per year. Many accountants who are wildly successful take on the finances and estate of major earners or help to run the financial department of a highly grossing business.

Best Police Officers

Accountants were the only industry that could catch Al Capone.  Al Capone was the head of the Mafia family in New York City for years in the early to mid-1900s. Though Capone ordered murders, extortion, and was a major bootlegger, only FBI accountants were able to track him down and convict him of tax evasion. The FBI’s accountant staff is over 1000 individuals and have been an influential part of catching many criminals, past and present.

Famous Accountants

Mick Jagger was once studying to be an accountant. Mick Jagger, one of the most followed rock stars in the world, has surpassed the age that many in the singing, and accounting industry, would retire. Mick Jagger was a student at the London School of Economics, which is the top school in the world for finance and business majors. Mick Jagger takes down the belief that everyone who goes into the accounting industry is boring or feel that they will have a career that stays on the straight and narrow path.

Though you often hear about many stars and professional sports players going bankrupt or doing jail time because they owe money for taxes, Kevin Kennedy, the former manager of the Texas Rangers baseball team, was determined to not allow this to happen to his players. Kennedy, a certified public accountant, used to do his players taxes during the tax season while in the minor leagues to make sure that everyone was on the up and up and to help boost his income as well. A win-win situation for all involved with his team, because there was no tax evasion or jail time happening on this baseball team during his tenure.

Business Professionals

Accountants must be profession with business software. Every accountant who works for a firm or a business must know how to operate major business and financial software. This is a major positive, as it means that accountants are some of the most knowledgeable people on business technical attributes. Knowing how to work business software is one of the most desirable items in a candidate during a time when we are becoming a more increasingly high tech society.

Accounting and accountants are a major player in each team. Without someone to keep the money straight, it will be hard for a business to run, a bank to stay in business, or individuals to budget their money carefully. Accounting Firms in Johannesburg and other major cities are likely key players in many decisions made across the city.

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