For many people, caravan holidays are a way of taking a break without having to pay for a long-haul flight or accommodation at your destination – instead, you take your accommodation with you, attached to the back of your car.

But if you’re trying to keep the cost of your caravan holiday to a minimum, there are a few things that are worth remembering – including some useful examples of when trying to save money can be a false economy, and some often overlooked ways to eke out every last second of your break.

Caravan Holidays

Filling up with fuel

Many motorists are willing to go the extra mile, quite literally, in order to get fuel at a lower price, but there’s a rule of thumb that you might want to adhere to in order to decide whether it’s worth the effort.

According to price comparison site Money Supermarket, it’s not worth driving any further than two miles for a 1p saving on fuel.

Despite this, 38% of people surveyed by the site said they would go out of their way to save 1p per litre – which Money Supermarket estimate is wasting £500 million each month among all UK motorists.

Driving efficiently

A more sensible solution could simply be to drive more efficiently, in order to make your fuel last longer – and actually, towing a caravan can naturally help you to do this.

Steady acceleration, rather than rapid bursts of speed, typically makes fuel go further, and is also the best way to keep your caravan under control.

Also consider travelling light, and buying supplies like food when you reach your destination, as cupboards full of tins will weigh your caravan down and add to the amount of fuel burned.

Further false economy

A particular area where you might not want to scrimp on your spending is on your insurance – car insurance is a legal requirement, but not all policies offer the same amount of cover, particularly once you attach a caravan to your tow bar.

Make sure you get your caravan insurance from a company that knows what it’s doing, rather than simply tacking it on to a generic car insurance policy, and you can avoid finding out that you have been left with inadequate protection, should the worst happen.

Time and tide

Finally, check that your choice of destination is a good one, as a caravan gives you a good degree of flexibility over where you spend your holiday, and allows you to make every day count to its fullest extent.

You might want to go so far as to check the times of the tides at different beach resorts – as a high tide even a few minutes later into the evening could let you catch the last rays of the sun, when you might otherwise be grabbing your sandals out of the oncoming surf.

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