Getting the cheapest car insurance quote in the UK is all about understanding the factors that will categorize you from an insurer’s perspective and how they will place you in one of their pre-defined profiles to determine risk. If you can spend the time on the various sections of this site listed within the ‘Factors That Affect Your Car Premium‘, you should be able to gather relevant information to help you out with this. Before you even look forward to getting a quote, you will already know what is likely to improve your chances of getting a cheaper premium.

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

However, the below information relates directly to how you can get your car insurance cover at the lowest possible price by considering core aspects of the quote process and recommending the best options when you are ready to buy.

First and foremost, always go online and compare numerous car insurers. Amazingly, a good percentage of the public will still opt to go with one of the big named insurers due to an offer that they have seen that been promoted either on TV, radio or via a flyer in the post. This is a big mistake, as many insurers will save money on a significantly smaller marketing budget that will allow them to offer a more competitive quote. Furthermore, as some insurers only operate online, you are unlikely to see their offers advertised through other mediums – but it means their overheads are small and so can pass savings onto the policy holders directly by offering a cheaper premium. is a good example of such insurer.

When it comes to renewing your policy from a previous year, many people will also mistakenly think that because they were able to get a competitive quote from their insurer last year, their renewal quote is competitive this time round. Unfortunately, this is not the case, with many insurers offering a significant discount for the first 12 months, with the objective to get the new customer and then next year reduce the discount but still retain the customer who doesn’t try and shop around again. Never accept the renewal quote is our best advice!

There are now many car insurance comparison sites out there that aim to compare a range of insurers to give you the ‘best price’. However, this can be very misleading to many people as this ‘best price’ is only from a selection of predefined insurers that the comparison site has specifically partnered with. Again, some of the smaller insurers who do not want to pay a commission to the comparison website (i.e. you taking out the policy), will not be included – as they want to offer you really cheap car insurance directly. Our advice is to use a few of the main comparison sites to give you one perspective on your quote and to use it as a baseline. Examples of the top comparison sites are, and

If you fit into one of the age categories that various specialized insurers now focus on i.e. under 25, or over 50s, then take a look at our relating information and then ensure you get a quote that is tailored to you. The same applies to the specific insurer that targets female drivers – as this is what they focus on specifically and are definitely worth getting a quote from.

If you have a classic car, it is likely that you can get specific classic car insurance quotes online from insurers that specialize in that category of a car. The same is the case for a high performance sports car where there can be an owners group that have deals with specialized insurers that offer you a competitive deal.

Another option that is starting to become more popular for people who do not use their car very often, and when they do, the distance that they travel is usually quite short – it is called ‘Pay As Your Drive’ insurance. The concept is simple – you pay a small upfront policy fee, and then you only pay for the miles that you cover in the course of a year. If you think, this could apply to you, just do a Google search for the ‘pay as you drive car insurance’ term, and you should be able to find a few companies that can give you a quote.

Once you have a collection of quotes, the best advice is to take the three cheapest insurers and then determine if they have any current deals, offers or promotional codes. is a good place to start for this, searching for terms like ‘Churchill Car Insurance Offers’ or ‘Tesco Car Insurance Promotional Codes’. It’s likely that you may even end up on our website and looking at the deals or codes for one of our recommended insurers. These discounts can then normally be applied on top of your original quote.

You should not stop at this point – even if your quote looks reasonable. You need to ensure that you have really tightened up your cover options to ensure you squeeze every penny out that you can.

Consider your voluntary excess amount, but the decision on how much this should be needs to be a personal one. If you are looking for the absolute cheapest car insurance quote regardless, you may be able to set this figure to the maximum amount possible and not be too concerned about claiming if the occasional bump occurs. However, if you think a little more of your car, you should read the section relating to excess as discussed in the ‘Desirable Car’ section to provide a different insight into this decision.

Remove any named drivers who are on the policy that do not need to exist. If for the majority of the time you are the primary driver of the car and its only infrequently used by a spouse or other family member, it’s likely that for the limited occasions that they need to borrow the car, you can choose to drive them instead (the cheapest option) or temporarily add them onto the policy for minimal cost.

Pull down the estimated yearly mileage to a lower figure – or even commit to a specific low mileage option. This is likely to be the case if you have a car that is used for pleasure, i.e. a weekend sports car or a classic car that only comes out of the garage on sunny days – but if you ensure you will not go over the restricted number of miles, then its a good way to bring your policy cost down.

One last thing, before you commit to the policy, ensure you are clear on the type of cover that you are paying for. See information regarding types of car insurance policies as each insurer can vary in their definitions, and you should never assume anything.

Although the above advice means that it can take time, if you want to get the cheapest quote possible, it’s worth the time and effort!