In today’s world, who doesn’t wish to make additional investments for one’s future? One always prefers to live a life tied with monetary security and lifelong happiness. So, it’s time for the prudent investors to get excited since the Iraqi dinars have currently turned cheaper. With an average value of 1,193 Dinars per $1 USD, dinars have emerged to be a lucrative investment policy for the currency exchange investors.

Earlier, Iraq dinars were not open to the global market and investors too considered it a riskier investment plan compared to others. Today, the number of private dinar investors is increasing which has in fact made dinar investments popular in today’s global scenario.


Although dinar has always been Iraq’s official currency, it didn’t do well in the currency exchange market and was therefore not subject to open trade in the year 2010. However, Iraq’s natural resources kept developing with time, and today, people from various corners of the world are coming in huge numbers for purchasing dinars. However, financial experts suggest that it’s better to do a little bit of research work prior to buying dinar.

So, if you have plans for buying dinar, keep the following points in mind so that you don’t get duped by a fake dinar dealer:

  • Know the difference – Every dinar investor must acquire knowledge in differentiating between an old and a new Iraqi dinar. The new ones come with denominations of 50, 250, 1000, 5000, 10,000, 25,000 and even 100,000 dinars. The old dinars contain pictures of Saddam Hussein which are not valuable especially for the institutional investors. So, you must ensure that your dinar dealer gets you only the new ones.
  • Detect a fake dinar – It’s very important for you to identify currencies that are not original. In fact, one should be aware of the anti-counterfeiting features while buying dinar. Remember, a new Iraq dinar will contain a security thread, watermarks as well as optical variable ink.
  • Choose a trustworthy dinar dealer – It’s not right and reliable for a new investor to buy dinars without taking help of professional dinar dealers. In fact, it’s better not to buy dinars from private money lenders. So, you can always get in touch with any of your local banks and ask whether it allows investors in buying dinars. If it is so, you can always take their help and proceed.
  • Talk to a private lender – If you are planning to buy Iraq dinar online from a dealer, make sure you confirm whether he is engaged in this business for quite a long time. If he produces his authentic trade certificate, you can provide him your investment details.

So, keep the above points in mind before buying dinar online and keep yourself miles from falling prey to duplicities.

Image Credit: Amine AGREBI