Friends and family are your priority, but there comes a point. Maybe you’re the accountant who can’t get through dinner at your mother-in-law’s without being hounded about how her tax return should be allocated. Family should definitely be given more consideration in terms of how much free advice you give, but it shouldn’t be unlimited. Some family members really cross the line.

Financial Advice

How much is too much?

Being a part of the family often means paying your due. Within reason, such sacrifice can strengthen family ties without breaking your bank. Agreeing to mow the lawn for your in-laws on the weekend in exchange for being able to borrow one of their cars during the week is a fair trade. Offering to spend most of the day hammering out a business proposal is to be expected.

Working with someone for months for free towards a working financial plan is too much, and you need to cut ties or start charging.

In truth, you should be there to counsel your friends and family when it’s needed, but it’s not your job to counsel them for free. When they come up to you looking for the answer to a problem they’ve been having, be attentive and gracious, but only to the extent that it does not spill over into your work life. You need to make money, and sometimes, you just can’t afford to work for free.

Be tactful in communications.

When you notice that some of the limits are being stretched, kindly lay out some options. Tell them that you would like to be of further assistance, and guide them along the right path.

If you cut family members a discount, they’re more likely to respect you as a member of the family and someone who needs their own time. Discounts can be especially helpful in familial communications, though a discount might not always be possible.Sometimes, you just can’t afford to give one. What you can do is explain to them that you have every desire to help, but that your livelihood is dependent upon adherence to a budget. Your input should double your output. Working for free just doesn’t cut it, as nice as it would be.

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