Most people trade in the Forex market to become overnight millionaires. The rest aren’t that ambitious and try to stick to practicality by hoping to curb their losses as far as possible. Before you start dreaming about profits, it is essential that you ensure that you are protected from losses. The following points will help you in avoiding certain mistakes and turn your trading around.

How to Avoid Losing Your Funds in the Forex Market

1. Pick A Method And Stick To It – People who enter the market usually lack the patience to perfect and hone a trading method and stick to it. People want to gain overnight success but it doesn’t work that way, unless you count the one or two instances in which you might get lucky. Choosing a good method ensures slow but sure success, the profits might be steady but they will be there eventually. One method you could choose is Price Action Trading. You just need to take the raw chart out and look out for repetitive price action patterns. Similarly, find other methods that suit you and hone them further.

2. Trade On Higher Time Frames – Remember that lower the time frame, more the signals but falser those signals are. Hence, by just trading on higher frames, you could get half your job done.

3. Stop Observing Charts All Day – Now that you have decided that you’re only going to trade in the higher time frames, stop looking at the chart all day long. Just look at the charts when you have decided and save yourself time and mental agony.

4. Never Trade Money You Can’t Afford To Lose – This is true for any kind of trading because ultimately, trading is just a sophisticated and advanced way of gambling. You must never trade money that you can’t afford to lose because that is not what trading entails. This especially stands true for Forex, where a huge amount of money is involved, and if you trade all your money away and lose it, times are going to be very bad for you.

5. Learn To Deal With It Mentally – The psychology of a good trader is not complex but simple. If you obsess about making profits and about trading in general, foregoing other jobs and not taking a break, you are destined to fail because you are overworking your mind. Always give your mind enough rest because trading is a mental activity and not a physical one.

These simple points will help you a lot in learning the nuances of trading. For more such trading tips, you can visit

Apart from that, you should first get thorough basic knowledge about trading theory because it is a complex field and you would need a lot of education to succeed in it. Choose your mentor wisely and always try your hand at demo accounts before you plunge into the real trading scenario.

Image Credit: HowardLake