Retirement years are supposed to bring for you happier times in life. However, the happiness quotient often experiences a dip given to the financial crunch you are confronting post retirement. Well, in such situations, retired individuals can rest their financial worries with annuities. This investment scheme allowing profitable return has come up to be an essential tool for retirement planning.

Get Your Investment Working in Your Favor

Retirement Planning Made Better

Now, when it comes to supplementing income during retirement through investments, the plan of retirement annuity (RA) often tends to take the priority in the market. Both self-employed people and sensible employees for managing the finances well take up a profitable investment opportunity. If you seem to be in doubt regarding what gives in to the popularity of the scheme then, the answer lies with the tax-deductible advantage of the scheme.

Is an RA Investment Profitable?

Your investment contributions with RA are free of tax, until a certain limit. This particular advantage greatly increases the investment returns of the particular scheme making them a useful savings tool for the future. Usually, life insurance companies offer such policies on sale and you are free to choose from a range of products available. If you are in the mind of securing a safe financial planning then, the retirement annuity plan is just designed for you, as it allows an easy bonus for you.

However, you must take upon a cautious approach while selecting with the assets while opting for a traditional RA policy. You must always remember that the difference over the original annual returns can owe to maximum 10 per cent. Additionally, it is also important for you to check with the credibility of the insurance company selling the plan.

RA and its Returns

Most often, retirees are hit with the question, as to when do I get the money. Well, with retirement annuity policies, you can only access your account after you have reached the age of 55. The age bar seems not to apply only in two cases like, the policyholder’s death or permanent disability.

Investing with RA – Considering the Aspects

While, buying a retirement annuity policy, you must arrange a meeting with your financial advisor and talk with him or her about the terms and conditions of the investment scheme. This is important for you to understand the terms better. In the meeting, consider asking your financial advisor or the annuity provider he is an agent or a broker. Always remember, an agent will only sell the specific company products while a broker is open with the offers from different companies.

A word of advice – remember the growth on your investment is entirely determined of the investment company, your asset, and the attached policy costs.