The cost of owning a car has increased dramatically over the years, along with the costs involved in passing your test. As car insurance is a compulsory requirement, it should be factored in and calculated before taking the first step in learning to drive.

Learner Driver Insurance

First off, let us identify the most obvious costs that you must account for and thus factor into your budget when learning to drive:

  • The cost of insurance
  • The cost of the test’s
  • The cost of the lessons
  • The time it will take to complete (estimated) and therefore, the number of lessons required

Based on the above work out a best and worst-case scenario to see if you could afford both of those scenarios. Hopefully, you will end up hitting the best case, but somewhere in between is more likely. The days of passing your test after 10 lessons are over, and we are sorry to say that on average a new student will need 25-30 lessons before attempting their first test.

If you decide to learn using a qualified driving instructor, then the cost of insurance will be incorporated into the price of each lesson. If you are going to be taught privately, then you need to get insurance cover before starting to learn. After all, you will be insuring a private car which may be friend or relatives and should anything happens to their car or other road user’s vehicles, you need to have the cost covered by insurance. Accidents can and do happen, the risk presented by a learner driver is much higher than a qualified and experience driver, thus your premium will reflect this very clearly.

Not all insurers offer competitive quotes when it comes to learner drivers. The best thing is to look for companies that specialize in insuring young persons as many of the popular names in insurance will offer extortionate premiums or refuse cover completely.

If you have willing family members, then you can try to be added onto their policy, but be aware that many insurance companies will refuse this sort of cover out right – although it is definitely worth trying as it likely to be much cheaper.

Important – Not Being Covered By Comprehensive Insurance

Some people believe that having comprehensive car insurance will cover their friends or family in a learner’s scenario – but this is definitely not the case, and your policy will become invalid should you try to make a claim as a result of a learner incident – in short, get the proper level of cover before you start as ignorance is not considered a reasonable excuse.

Important – Minimum Cover

Remember that the minimum level of cover that you need is the 3rd party cover. This will only cover the other parties involved in the accident should such an incident occur. This also means that you would be liable for your own damage, and associated costs should the accident be proven to be your fault.

Important – What to Take on Lessons

You should ensure that you have a valid insurance certificate in order to drive. Take it along with you whilst carrying out your lessons as you may be asked to produce this by the police.