Most of the people look for ways to save money, but they fail to do so. There are many ways for saving money effectively. Saving money is really important to meet unforeseen conditions, secure your life, helps to realize your dreams, to meet personal aspirations and to fulfill your family responsibility. Making small changes in your life can help your budget box. 

Saving Money

Here are the top 10 resources to save money.

  1. Save electricity:  Regulate your electricity usage when not in use.  Turn off the computer and TV when no one is using them; Switch off the lights, air conditioners, if they are not in use. Always use energy efficient bulbs to save power.  You can save more money on electricity bills.
  2. Save money on groceries:  If you have a backyard, grow some veggies and fruits to save money. Try to buy from local grocery shop. Buy in bulk whenever you are going for a retail outlet.
  3. Save on clothes and other items:  Avoid impulse buying.  Limit your window shopping habits, if it is mandatory, check prices and compare them with other outlets before buying.
  4. Change habits: Give up alcohol and smoking, if not, at least try to minimize. It may sound scary but to stay fit and healthy and save money, you should quit smoking and drinking.
  5. Start sharing: Share everything from lawn equipment to food. Carpool can save huge amounts of money.  Share your vehicle with a colleague or a friend to your work place. Use public transport system rather than using your own vehicle.  Instead of buying magazines, DVDs and books from a book store, borrow from the local library.
  6. Insurance:  There are number of insurances such as health, mortgage, general and life insurances to save money.  They will yield good results in the long run. If you can deposit for longer periods, you can expect more money.
  7. 7.    Buy generic products: Avoid buying branded items for the time being, buy from local markets with low price. It can save handful of amount.
  8. Banks:  Save money in banks for secured future. Most of the banks give attractive interest rates to keep money in their banks.  Choose the best bank which is giving high interest to save your hard-earned money.
  9. Cook at home:  Try to cook at your home with home-grown veggies to save handful of amount.

10. Clear your credit card debt:  Try to use paper cash for any transactions rather than using credit card. You have to clear the most expensive debts first.  If possible, take your credit card along with payment protection insurance to meet the emergency needs. If you are unable to meet the loan criteria, you can apply for PPI claims.

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