Veterans often hold a desire to set up something of their own but lack of adequate finances serve as a major hurdle in fulfilling their dreams. It is for this reason that the Small Business Administration (SBA) has initiated the business loans for veterans with a view to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit.

Soldiers and military personnel grappling with finance problems can apply for these loans and expand their operations. Business improvement and upgrading the existing infrastructure at work are some of the objectives that can be achieved with the funding help secured from the Office of Veterans Affairs under the SBA. These loans are not extended as grants but carry fees in the form of interest rates.

SBA Loans Designed To Boost Veterans Business

Who Can Benefit From The SBA Initiative?

Anyone providing services to the military or people in direct relation with military personnel, such as wife or widow of a military man can take advantage of this loan initiative. People, who have earlier served the military or those will join in future, may also qualify to secure a loan guarantee from the SBA. Veteran loans are also extended to those belonging to the service-disabled military class. Military personnel who have been dishonored for their bad service or wrong doings do not stand a chance to secure funds from the SBA in the form of veteran loans. Those belonging to the National Guard are eligible for this form of finances.

Different Veteran Loans

Patriot Express Loans and Military Reservist Economic Injury Disaster Loans are the two major types of financing channels designed for veterans. Military and soldiers who qualify as per the financing norms can get access to any of these two forms of loans. The Patriot Express Loans has been quite a popular loan program among veterans. It achieved considerable success because of which it had to be extended through 2013. Counseling and training facilities are also facilitated to veterans as a part of the loan program by the SBA. Any military personnel within a year of separation from the service can apply for business loans for veterans.

Veterans in need of immediate cash for carrying out day-to-day operations and proper business functions may apply for the Military Reservist Economic Injury Disaster Loan (MREIDL). Under this lending, the SBA aims at helping veterans to meet the working capital requirements and secure funds to resolve their cash flow issues. Veterans, military people who have a tough time managing the finances back at home after being called to render military service can have easy access to this form of loans. Financing obligations can be fulfilled with this funding solution.

Things to Keep In Mind Before Applying For Veteran Loans

Decide on the domain you wish to make your presence felt before you start assessing the fund sources for veteran loans. Assess the amount of cash required to meet the initial hardships and fulfill the requirements in your business. A steady revenue projection before the lender will help a veteran to secure a good loan amount. Borrowers may also provide a detailed presentation of their growth potential, market competition and expected profit shares when seeking veteran loans in order to complete the loan process smoothly.

Veterans launching an entirely new business concept can consider taking benefit of the “Patriot Express Pilot Loan Initiative” form of veteran loan. Follow all the instructions and fulfill the requirements in order to stand a chance to secure this form of financing from the SBA.

The International Franchise Association extends funding help to veterans out in search of self-employment opportunities. Discounts on loan can be availed from a group of franchisees under a program designed for the benefit of the veterans.

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