Investment banking is without a doubt a very lucrative job. You can always tell investment bankers from a crowd by the way they dress, talk and behave. Since you are interested in becoming an investment banker, you must know by now this is an industry of intellectuals. Investment banks are always on the look-out for bright, shrewd and hard working people. The field is competitive and cut throat, so you have to be confident and aggressive.

Having decided that this is the job for you, you need to make sure that your qualifications are in line with the job. Below is a step by guide on how to become an investment banker:

How to Break Into Investment Banking


As mentioned above, investment bankers are intellectuals. Getting good grades is therefore a must. The main course of study for you would have to be business related. A Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Finance, Business or Accounting is advisable. For senior positions, you will have to advance your education with a Masters Degree in Finance, Economics or Business.

Entry Level Positions

As a fresh college graduate, getting an entry level position is something that you should consider as soon as possible. There are thousands of graduates just like you who are also seeking to get into the same job market. The best way to attract an investment bank to you is of course by having a brilliant resume and cover letter. Your Entry level position in investment banking will be as a Financial Analyst. This position is usually held for a period of about 2 to 3 years which is the time period before you get an MBA or any other finance related Masters degree. Armed with your Masters, you climb up the ladder to become An Associate.

Getting even that entry level position is not easy and the best way to go about looking for one would be by using the university career center. Most investment banks will annually look for fresh graduates to join their team of professionals; unfortunately very few positions are available. The best way to sell you is by networking. Enlist in investment banking seminars and events and network, network, network. Social skills are a big part of investment banking. You therefore have to show off an outgoing yet smart personality. You can use the contacts you get through your interactions to get an internship which will then lead the analyst position.

How to Ace an Investment Banker Interview

So, you already have the papers. Next is how do you impress the interviewer? Well, how you present yourself is important. Below are some of the things employers are interested in, when looking for investment bankers:

  • Know the field: You need to know what investment banking is all about. Know the job description of investment banker and the terms used in the field.
  • Be Articulate: An investment banker needs to be very articulate in the way he or she speaks and puts points across.
  • Intelligence: Have some strong arguments to present in an intelligent manner.
  • Humility: It is a popular misconception that investment bankers are arrogant. Recruiters are looking for someone you can have a strong personality but still be humble and respectable.
  • Integrity: In this job, you are handling a lot of money. Honesty and integrity are a must have quality.

The above diy tips will help you realize your investment banking dream. Learning how to break into investment banking is not only about having the right grades and education for the job. Personality and skills go hand in hand.

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